Why SHAM(e)?

Morocco is not listening to it’s people, and the only way to demonstrate the tragic irony of this conference is by showing the hypocrisy of the country that is hosting a World Forum on Human Rights.

People in Morocco face a dramatic increase of human rights violations as hundreds of non-violent activists languish in prison for expressing their political views, journalists and media organisations are threatened with enforced silence or losing their press credentials and the treatment of migrant workers and sub-Saharan Africans on transit is deplorable. Moreover, while Morocco is proudly hosting the Second World Forum on Human Rights, it is simultaneously intimidating its own human rights associations and prevents Saharan human rights activists to participate. The fact that the country is undergoing an aggressive crackdown at his very moment explains why major human rights groups are boycotting this event. A World Forum on Human Rights, to be held in the very country whose repressive policies have been systematically blocking local and national human rights activities, is shameful. It provides a police state a great opportunity to perfect its farce in front of an international community. We will not allow this sham to remain undiscovered.


Morocco HR forum infographic.002


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