The Greed of the State vs. The Human Rights of Imider

Sharing this message from my friend in Imider, hoping he doesn’t mind. If the rest of the world only knew the conditions these people are living in, and still…they persist…they continue…they believe it is the only way to humanize their protest in the face of the outrageous crimes against them committed by a few wealthy men from the power élite and the predator-king they work to protect. Profits pour in for all of them. Greed motivates them. They go home to warm, dry living rooms and have their tagine with meat, while the residents of Albban have so little. But they have their pride and they are a stubborn lot who will never give up.  How can WE?  How can WE? 

from Uxabaso Omar Amazigh: “I remember one night its raining like now in albban -sit-in- this night its very cold and raining, i went to take some rest in of our small house that we have built in stone … Outside is very cold and inside is the same, i covered myelf by a blanket so as to try to sleep a litlle in this non human situation after many hours of staying i didn’t remember when i sleep and in the morning when i get up i find everything near to me are wet like im in boat… so many hard situations are living by the militants of imider in their sit-in in Albban for their rights, all this sufferances are happening in a country pretend the respect of ‪#‎human_rights‬ !!! We sacrifice because we beleive in our cause in our dignity and in our rights.”

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