U.N. Human Rights Award winner Riyadi Ignored by Forum

Human rights activist Khadija Riyadi, who won the United Nations 2013 Human Rights Award stated that she had not been invited to the 2nd World Forum on Human Rights in Marrakech next week. She, however, was not very surprised by this action, knowing that the organizers are officials who represent the Moroccan power élite — the same regime that is responsible for systematic repression of Moroccan Human Rights associations, and various political and human rights activists.
She also confirmed that the decision to alienate her from the Forum, along with well-known Moroccan human rights leaders in exchange for extending the invitation to other, more visible, international personalities. The decision was well-orchestrated by these same government officials and power brokers who are very nervous about having credible and uncompromising Moroccan human rights representatives in the Marrakech Forum.
She also confirmed that despite the Moroccan Human Rights Organization boycotting the Forum, she plans on being in Marrakech during that time to organize parallel human rights activities.


photo #12 from our graphic poster: Khadija Riyadi, former President of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights, is shown here being brutally attacked by Moroccan security forces during a protest on June 15, 2007 in Rabat.


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