Western Sahara – the last African colony?

In addition to presenting each prisoner, in daily blogs, with his personal history, and giving a human face to what the Moroccan State wants to remain a faceless list of numbers forever hidden from international view, we are hoping to introduce, perhaps for the first time, the human rights violations that have been rampant in Western Sahara for years. Most Americans, and in fact, most citizens of the Anglophone world, are unfamiliar with these abuses. Morocco has paid dearly (lobbyists in the US Congress, journalists in the US media, and even the former High Commissioner of Human Rights for the UN as well as her committee members) to come down in favor of Morocco’s position to continue occupying Western Sahara and repressing its citizens.

Ahmed Sbai , life
Boutangiza El Bachir, life
Ibrahim Ismaili, life.
Sidi Ahmed Lmjid, life.
Abdellah El Khfaouni, life
Abdeljalil Laarousi, life
Mohamed Bani, life
Abdellah Abhah مؤبد   اضافة القضاء العسكري
Al Naama Asfari, 30 yrs
Mohamed Bourial, 30 yrs
Hassan Dah  30 yrs
Cheikh Banga , 30 yrs
Abdellah Toubali , 25 yrs
El Houssein Zaoui, 25 yrs
Déich  Dafi, 25 yrs
El  Bakay Laarabi  25 yrs
Mohamed Lamine Haddi 25 yrs
Mohamed Mbark Lafkir 25 yrs
Mohamed Khouna Bobit 25 yrs
Mohamed Tahlil 20 yrs
El Bachir Khada 20 yrs
Mohamed Dihan 6 yrs تم ترحيل تعسفيا الى سجن قنيطرة رغم مطالبة فريق العمل الاممي للاعتقال التعسفي بإطلاق سراحه
Moubarak Daoudi اعتقال احتياطي و محال امام قضاء عسكري و مضرب عن الطعام منذ الفاتح من نونبر ( إضراب مفتوح عن الطعام )
Yahya Mohamed El Hafid 15 yrs
Mohamed Ali El Basraoui, 15 yrs
Nourdine Hamou 1 yr
Salem Laarsi, life
Abdessalam Lilmadi عشرة أشهر تم ترحيل تعسفيا الى سجن ابت ملول
Ayoub Moustaghfir, 2 yrs
Hassan Chouar, 2 yrs
Boujamaa El Housein Izza, 3 yrs
Mohamed El Ghazouni 2 yrs
Mohamed Douadi 4 yrs
Abdellah El Mahjoub Boukyout 5 yrs
Hiba Moulay Kaiss, under investigation
Chakrad Yahdih, under investigation
Ali Kach 1.5 yrs
Bousha Ben Mohamed Hamou, under investigation
Jamal Saouakh
Moustaghfir Ayoub, 1 yr
Ajghagha Mohamed
Douadi Brahim ربما اطلق سراحه
Sidi Bouamoud, 4 yrs
Abdelmoutalib Sarir, 8 months
Mohamed El Khfaouni حكمً بثمانية أشهر و بعد ادراجه في لائحة العفو السابقة وجهت له تهم اخرى في انتظار البحث
Mohamed Babir عشرة أشهر
Mayara Al Moujahid خمس سنوات
Dallal Abdelfatah  عشرة أشهر
Bouchalka Abdelkarim
El Houssein Mahmoud
Al Moussaoui Ali عشرة أشهر
Atikou Brai


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