The evolution of the situation in Morocco raises deep concerns among Moroccan and French democrats and progressives.

The regime has chosen to tighten the screws of repression on all who question its policies, as much regarding economic and social issues as in the field of human rights. Militant associations defending human rights such as AMDH LMDHH the Amnesty International-Morocco, Freedom-now, ATTAC-MOROCCO…are being specifically targeted. The Human Rights Watch 2012 Report recounts many instances of repression and violence against Moroccan activists and the general population.

The use of torture is mentioned in the 2013 Report of the United Nations Special Rapporteur. The number of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience has not stopped increasing. The recent death of one of them after a hunger strike is a true crime. Sentenced to two years in prison, Wafaa Sharaf, a young activist who spoke out on behalf of employees fired for their union activity, and denounced the responsibility of the police [and their brutality] in the course of her own arrest and sentencing, is a genuine miscarriage of justice.
Corruption remains endemic. Moreover, the growing discontent of Moroccans confronting the consequences of this regime’s reactionary policies can no longer be ignored. On October 29, a general strike of workers and unemployed graduate students was organized by the totality of Moroccan unions and was a great success.
Finally, the King, in a recent interview, violently attacked all those who question his ongoing occupation of Western Sahara and repeatedly called them “traitors to the Fatherland.”
Under these conditions, the World Forum on Human Rights, to be held in Marrakech from November 27-30, is being used as a red herring to camouflage and obscure the reality of the regime’s repressive policy. French authorities can not condone or lend themselves to such a cover-up.
Morocco can not continue to sink ever lower into the spiral of repression that would return the country to its worst and darkest years.
Morocco, an ally of France, a strategic partner of NATO, should receive no sympathy whatsoever from these entities.
The close ties that Morocco has with the European Union through the Association Agreement, requires it to respect human rights. For how long will the EU continue to close their eyes to Morocco’s repeated violations? If no improvement is forthcoming, this Agreement must be suspended.
The French Communist Party renews its support and solidarity with all democratic and progressive Moroccans struggling, under difficult conditions, to achieve democratic and social justice in Morocco.
Press communiqué from the French Communist Party
November 14, 2014
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